Author: mandyrose
• Wednesday, December 01st, 2010

Harvesting leeks for the potato dish

Thanksgiving here was a great way to kick off The Dark Days Challenge for us! We hosted a family local foods Thanksgiving Supper the day after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of that particular spread altogether, but we put together meals from its leftovers, right into December.
The Thanksgiving Supper menu included:

Homemade pate - amazing!

Chicken Liver Pate on Homemade Toast

pastured bird

(livers from our chickens, homegrown herbs, local butter, homemade “sherry”, 6 non-local green olives for garnish. Bread flour from local source, );
Enormous homegrown 9.5 lb roasting chicken (seasoned with our sage);
Locally hunted Venison Roast (hunted, processed, and expertly - deliciously!- cooked by the contributor);

Dragonwood Rumbledethumps (Potatoes, Parsnips, and Leeks, all grown in our backyard, mashed together, with locally produced milk and butter);

"Long Pie" Pumkin, ready for pie-making

Baby winter greens mix

Quince-Cranberry Sauce
(Quinces grew in our back yard, Apple elsewhere in Michigan, Cranberries were, sadly, not local);
Huge Fall Greens Salad picked from the backyard garden (Dressing of non-local olive oil and vinegar, plus our own maple syrup, garlic, and herbs);
Small Delicata Squash Halves, with our maple syrup and local butter (Delicatas from our garden);
Pumpkin Cheesecake (Long Pie Pumpkin grown a few miles away by the contributor who brought the dessert).

Why no better pictures of the finished food? I was on-call for my other life as a midwife, and got the call from a  laboring mom around the time the food was done and headed to the table!

But here’s our next day’s plate-up of the leftovers:  Salad of leftover greens, Roast chicken, & Jerusalem artichoke (dug same day in the garden); Pate on toast; The brilliant ruby Quince-Cranberry sauce….

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4 Responses

  1. 1
    K. Knieper 
    Sunday, 5. December 2010

    Wow! What a wonderful holiday spread!

    I saw your comment about the cranberries. To my surprise this year I discovered Meijer and Whole Foods in Ann Arbor selling Michigan Cranberries. The package name is “Blueberry Heritage Farms” located in Holland, MI.
    This is their listed website:


  2. Any chance you’ll share the pate recipe :)?

  3. 3
    Sunday, 5. December 2010

    K - Thanks for the tip!! Ironically, the bag of cranberries had been in my freezer since last year when someone gave them to me, and I didn’t even bother to shop. Glad to hear this info though!
    Shannon - Yes, I am planning a post all about the pate - I was shocked by how good it was and will have to write about it.
    Thanks for the comments!

  4. Beautiful pics as always! Are your cold frames in the top frame of the blog just panes of glass resting on bales on straw, or are they are built onto wooden structures and just have straw surrounding them?
    Miss you as always! -xoxo

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